Attitudes That Hinder the Gospel

Copyright © 2004 Jordan White


(1)   “We should focus efforts to share the Gospel with those we feel are most likely to be receptive.”  Of course, this implies that we can and should make this judgment.  It is also easy to decide that the “most receptive” are also the least likely to cause us bodily harm.


(2)   “We do not need to tell the Gospel to the Jewish people.  For one thing, this is offensive to them.  Another thing is that they are ‘God’s chosen people’, meaning that God will deal with them in His Own Special Way.”


(3)   “God knows who will accept the Gospel and who will not. So it is really up to Him to bring the Gospel to those who will accept it in a way that gets their attention.  I’m afraid that’s just not something I’m really very good at.  So I’ll just stay here and pray for those who are good at it.”


(4)   “The rest of the world would be much better off if they accepted American values and way of life.  These are the values that derive from our Judeo-Christian heritage.”


(5)   “Most of the rest of the world, especially Africa, is comprised of ‘inferior cultures’.  That is, they don’t share our Judeo-Christian heritage.”


(6)   “America understands what is best for the rest of the world.  We should take care to ridicule their inferior cultures and religions.  This will help them to understand their need for the Gospel of Salvation, and, hopefully, accept it.”


(7)   “Evangelism is a great career.  Look at Pat Robertson, Jerry Falwell, Billy Graham, etc.  They’re all millionaires.”


(8)   “The reason we should impose our culture and value system on the rest of the world is because we can.  We have the power and money to make them see it our way.  And that’s surely the first step toward also getting them to accept the Gospel.”


(9)   “It’s too bad that most of  the entertainment media and the popular music scene in the US is morally disgusting.  But why should I say anything?  It’s a free country, and, if that’s what people, especially young people want, it’s none of my business!  And I don’t really care if people in the rest of the world find it disgusting!  They should accept the Gospel anyway, and then they’ll be able to separate the America that produces all that porn from the America That Worships God,  the ‘True America’” .


(10) “We should support Israel regardless of any international law they break and regardless of their human rights records concerning the Palestinians.  This is because, if you study prophecy, you will see the clear role that Israel plays in God’s plans for the world in the ‘End Times.’”