April 2002


Dear President Bush,


            I don't understand the logic of what you are allowing to happen in Ramallah, and, indeed, of all of Palestine.


            I don't understand why you are standing by and allowing the sort of destruction and endangerment of a basically unarmed civilian population.


            Even if you do not care about the native Arab population, please realize that American citizens are involved in this conflict from the ground up.  It is your sworn duty to uphold the rights and security of American citizens.


            What is happening is beyond belief.  In Ramallah alone there are over 10,000 American citizens.  It remains under siege, without water, electricity or telephone service.  The sick may not receive medicine, the wounded may not receive emergency care.


            In Deheishe refugee camp, an entire compound devoted to meeting the needs of young children was destroyed by Israeli troops.  Mr. Bush, this is unconscionable.  The soldiers destroyed toys for kids as well as new computers set aside for the education of the young people.  I gave money to buy those toys, writing supplies and computers.  I gave my entire $600 refund check to help these kids.  Now I have to see them destroyed by weapons of mass destruction that I also paid for, from my tax dollars.


            Mr. Bush, this is not acceptable.  These kids deserve the same chances of kids the world over. I am trying to help them get those chances.  And you are standing by, sending more and more dollars to these brutes who are trying to destroy every chance for these kids to have a normal and decent life and education.  And, by so doing, you are standing in my way to exercise my God-given right to help those in need.


            This situation can only be called barbaric.  Please do the right thing and ask Israel, beg them to withdraw from these innocent people's towns and camps.  Work to cause a peaceful end to the Occupation.  A just peace is the only peace.  Please act now!


Jordan White