Desperation Breeds “Terrorism”

Copyright,(c) 2002, Jordan White


            Do I see a similarity here?

            A distraught, impoverished Apache Indian, Leonard Gregg, sets a fire with a couple of matches, in Arizona.

            Thousands of acres burn, homes and businesses are threatened, Gregg is eventually arrested and charged with arson.

            A Palestinian suicide bomber, desperate because his family is dispossessed from their home, his children’s future in doubt, a brother, cousin, father, or other relative imprisoned, killed by bullets from soldiers’ weapons, or shells from gunships or tanks.

            What is the future for either man?

            Leonard Gregg started the Arizona fire because he said he could not find work. He said his Indian family was desperate for the living he could make as a volunteer fireman in Arizona.  Out of desperation he started the fire that destroyed so much property in that state.  Out of desperation.

            The suicide bomber in Palestine says he also acts out of desperation. He says no one listens to his peoples’ cries for justice.  The UN turns a deaf ear to his calls for international law to be honored, preferring to enforce America’s insistence on decimating Iraqi civilians, and enforcing Israel’s strangehold on Middle Eastern politics. 




            What a cold and awful place to find yourself.


            Want to end “terrorism”?


            END DESPERATION !


            What creates desperation?  People who will not listen; people who think arms and power solve world crises; people who think they can dominate others by taking away their rights to autonomy and independence by causing them to yield their freedom to their lust for power.

            Some of this is due to politics; some to money; some to power; and, unfortunately, some to religious bigotry.


            “Religion must stay 500 yards from science at all times.”   “The Simpsons”,  FOX TV