Wanted: A Few Good Conservatives

© 2006

Jordan White


            Where are all the people who call themselves “conservatives”?


            Why are they not speaking out in outrage over the agenda that President George W. Bush is pursuing calling himself a “conservative?”


            Whatever you might want to call Bush’s policies they are not “conservative”. As I say I’m astonished that all true conservatives are not out rioting in the  streets, demanding that their stance cease from being so egregiously misrepresented.


             Space is short. here so I’ll just speak about a couple of Bush’s more outrageous policies. The first is Bush’s nomination of two candidates for appointment to the Supreme Court who favored more power for the Executive Branch of the government, which is, of course, the White House. Both men, largely through partisan (Republican) bias, won their appointments.  Chief Justice John Roberts is known to favor a stronger executive branch and will likely use his position to help bring this about.  Samuel Alito, the Justice who is replacing Sandra Day O’Connor, is expected to follow suit. Excuse me, but a true conservative does not want to see one branch of government accrue more and more power, upsetting the checks and balances already in place under Constitutional Law. This is called “upsetting the balance of power” and is the sort of tactic favored by despots the world over. This is not a conservative stance.


            The second example is the use of illegal wiretapping and surveillance which this administration seems to think is necessary in its so-called “War on Terrorism”.  It should be called the “War on Democracy.”  To snoop on American citizens in their places of business and in their very homes, and encouraging Americans to spy on one another is a dangerous abuse of power, once again something more rightly attributed to tyrannical regimes than to supposedly God-fearing conservative administrations. This tactic is, once again, flouting the Constitution of the United States. True conservatives do not want to see the Constitution changed or destroyed; they wish to see it honored and upheld in every conceivable way.


            Where are the true conservatives? Why are they not speaking out and demanding the impeachment, at the least, of this monster?  In fact, why are we not hearing from them at all?  I heard today (March 6, 2006) that Congress is conducting inquiries into theft aboard cruise ships and how it can be controlled?


             CRUISE SHIPS? While hurricane and flood victims suffered in the Southeast. while the elderly and the working poor are forced to choose between medicine and food, while children go to bed hungry, while teachers buy materials with their own money or do without the tools they need for doing their jobs.  Congress is worrying about fat cats on luxury cruises being robbed? Isn’t that something for the cruise lines and the passengers to work out beforehand? And aren’t many of these ships registered in foreign lands, anyway?


            Folks, insist that Congress get back to the work it should be doing, that is, serving the interests of the public. That’s you and me, folks. If they don’t, then exercise your voting rights and throw every last corrupt and useless lawmaker out of office. Do it now, before the Supreme Court helps the White House establish a dictatorship that we will be powerless against, which will rob us of our rights as citizens and will destroy the Democracy brave men and women have fought to defend, worked to strengthen, and devoted their lives to serve.  Conservatives, you especially should step forward, before that term becomes synonymous with “corrupt, out-of-touch despots who line their own pockets while the people of the United States see their hard-won liberties eroded and washed away”.


             Eroded and washed away, just like the levees in Louisiana, which they didn’t care about, either.