Have You Ever Looked At a Flower Bud?

Copyright © 2004 Jordan White



Have you ever looked at a flower bud, and wondered how the flower will look when it finally opens?


Have you ever felt that twinge of impatience, especially if it is a flower in your very  own garden, and you are curious to see if your hard work has paid off in the reward of a beautiful bloom?


You look at the tightly furled bud, and you wonder what color the bloom will be.  The bud is just a dull pink, but will the bloom be more radiant, deeper in color, or perhaps variegated with red or cerise?  Will the stamen be star-shaped, yellow or gold? 


There are two things you can do to assuage your curiosity.  One is to wait until the bud unfurls, however gradually, and have it reveal is exotic beauty to you when the time is right.


Your other choice is to open the bud yourself, prying apart the delicate layers and seeing right away the colors of the interior petals, however unformed they may be, and see for yourself the stamen, hiding, protected by the fist-like bud.


If you are a real gardener, that is, a person who appreciates the marvelous beauty of a perfect bloom, you will be aghast at my second suggestion.


“You can’t just pry apart a flower bud!”, you will exclaim.  “Why, the true colors haven’t even formed yet!  And maybe it hasn’t opened yet because it’s too cold out!  You have to let nature take its course!  If you wait, you will be rewarded with a beautiful bloom, and you can enjoy every stage in its opening, from the bud to the full-blown flower!”


So it is with Biblical prophecy, my friends.  Do not try to unravel future events before their time.  Trying to interpret the Book of Revelation through events and personages we see at this present time is like tearing apart a flower bud.


God will reveal the mysteries, and the meanings of what is coming, as it unfolds.  Let the flower bud be a lesson to you.  As the flower of God’s mighty plan develops and comes to maturity, you will, in it, see some of the wonders of His love and gracious designs for humanity.  Do not run ahead with your own ideas, but trust Him to act as He sees fit.