The following is an open letter to TV preacher John Hagee:





September 23, 2002

Rev. John Hagee                                                                                    

P.O. Box 1400

San Antonio TX 78295


Rev. Hagee,


            I cannot understand how you can be a Christian and support that horrible state that blasphemes God by calling itself "Israel".


             These people, most of whom, by the way, are of European, not Middle Eastern heritage as you erroneously believe, may not lay claim to any Biblical promises or covenants unless they, like everyone else on the planet, become a part of the "household of faith" (Galatians 6:10). 


            They have no part in God's family (that is, those who have been saved through faith in Jesus Christ), because they have chosen to follow another path, and that path is the idolatry called Zionism.


            Zionism is an evil, God-replacing philosophy, or religion, if you will.  It is not based on faith, but on weapons and money (the film clips you used on TV prove this).  The Bible states that the covenant with mankind was the promise of a Redeemer, not any particular piece of real estate.  Read Isaiah 59: 20-21, quoted by Paul in Romans 11: 26-27.         


            Incidentally, since you seem so intent on mixing present-day politics with the eternal truths of the Bible, please understand that the United Nations does not recognize the legality of lands gained by military action of any of its member states, and that includes Israel.  Israel is currently in violation of sixty-eight UN Resolutions, where Iraq is in violation of only sixteen.


            Our job as Christians is to preach the gospel, not to bring about pain, suffering and displacement of others who share this tortured planet.  See Matthew 28: 16-20 for a description of the work God wants you to be doing.  Judgment, which you seem particularly adept at handing out,  is God's work.  When Jesus returns in power and in glory, He will be judging the people.  We, at this present time, are to be preaching the Gospel of faith in Jesus Christ.  Read the book of Hebrews to see the spiritual rewards of practicing this faith.  Makes a mere piece of real estate seem rather insignificant, doesn't it?


            I sincerely hope you will begin to preach the true Gospel, and end your support for this bogus creation, the State of Israel, whose Prime Minister, the terrorist Ariel Sharon, is under indictment in International Court in Belgium for his role in the massacres of the Sabra and Shatila refugee camps in Lebanon in 1982.  Even his own country acknowleged his part in this horrible incident at the time by removing him from his post as Minister of Defense.


            Believe me, I am one Christian who will never, never support "Israel".  Never.




                                                                                                            Jordan White