On November 24, 2000, I received, through an on-line discussion
group, articles displaying vastly different points of view. I quote in
part, but not taking out of context:

"We must not forget revenge. Israel must seek vengeance...not only in
response to base needs but also for the sake of deterrence. 'Revenge is
something that one eats cold,' Stalin said, and justly so."----Israeli
media analyst, writing in the"Yediot Aharonot" daily newspaper.

"What remains of Palestine would be only a memory..[if Israel continues
to use injust and devastating tactics against the Palestinian people].
PRAY FOR ME." ----Edgar Z., a Palestinian born in the 1920's, wondering
if he will live to see the realization of a Palestinian state. (Capital
letters his.)

In the current struggle in the Middle East, do you want to be on the
side of those who proudly quote [former Soviet dictator Josef] Stalin,
or do you want to be on the side of those who pray for justice? You