Statue of "Money"

(c) Jordan White

September 27, 2000


On September 26, 2000, the US House of Representatives passed the Peace Through Negotiations Act, declaring Congress’ disapproval of a unilateral declaration of statehood by the Palestinians and threatening “sanctions” in the event of such an action.

If the Palestinians decide to declare their state at any particular time, they will not be deterred by concern over US opinion and/or money.  After all, they are facing the prospect of the destruction of their ages-old culture and the threat of the loss of their identity as a people.  They are seeking freedom and autonomy after centuries of oppression by one occupier after another.  There are plenty of opportunities for them to find support for their state elsewhere in the world where there would be no such strings attached. It is outrageous that the US would pass such a bill in the midst of peace negotiations.  It is a blatant attempt to force the Palestinians to accept yet another agreement favorable to Israel (and thus favorable also to America’s imperialistic interests in the Middle East), while doing nothing to promote a just and lasting peace.

Perhaps the US should consider dismantling that big statue overlooking New York Harbor, sending it back to France with apologies, and ask if it could be exchanged for a monument more properly reflecting the ideals of present-day America.  Let's call it “The Statue of Money.