Ten Reasons Why Christians Should Reject Zionism

Copyright (c) 2002 Jordan White


1.  It is idolatry.  It replaces faith in God with faith in weapons and human achievement.


2.  It is false.  No human being, regardless of race or creed, can categorically lay claim to any land or any other possession on earth.  The Bible states, "The earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof".


3.  It is hateful.  The Bible says that God is love.  God is not a part of any philosophy that promotes the idea that one person is more deserving of His mercy, love, and protection than another.  This is racism.


4.  It is unjust.  God has repeatedly told us that He is the judge, and that we must not decide for Him whom He will choose to bless and whom He will not.


5.  It is fraught with lies.  God's word is truth.  Zionism makes use of half-truths and outright lies to advance itself. 


6.  It is violent.  Zionists use any means at their disposal to achieve their goals, regardless of whom is harmed in the process.  Thus it uses massacre, warfare, threats and intimidation to destroy those who stand in its way.  This is ethnic cleansing.


7.  It appeals to the human sin nature, and thus provides rationalization for men to behave in a fleshly manner.  Therefore, men will go to great lengths to hang onto it, because it feeds a part of them that they naturally crave, a part that the Apostle Paul called

"the body of this death".


8.  It is unholy, for it sanctifies the profane and blasphemes God's holy name by claiming to come from Him, when it is nothing but a human concoction.  It uses God's name in vain by claiming to be godly, when it is just the opposite.


9.  It is hypocritical.  Zionists typically claim kinship with God, when they actually find the true commandments of God to be odious.  Like the scribes and Pharisees of old, they are "full of dead men's bones".  This is disobedience.


10.  It is a cancer, for, like that disease, it spreads by replacing the (spiritually) healthy with the (spiritually) diseased and abnormal.  Thus, the organism becomes weaker and  loses its ability to defend itself and begins to turn away from that which leads to

a long and healthy (spiritual) life.  This is spiritual death.


Quiz:  What is the antidote for the attitudes of the human heart that result in the advancement of Zionism?  Hint: See  Romans, Chapter 10, or better yet, read the whole book.