†† As Bound With Them

††††††††††† (Hebrews 13:3)


Copyright © 2005 Jordan White


My name is John Salcido.

Iím driving across the span.

Before me looms that recumbent girl,

The jewel we call Mount Tam.


Iím on my way to work,

In the fortress by the bay.

On my rightís another jail, ďThe RockĒ,

Left over from a bygone day.


To see the men locked up inside

Is hard for me to bear.

But here, outside, itís harder yet,

To see the freedom everywhere.


The gulls and pelicans sail by,

The tanker blasts its horn,

Churning through the water,

On this cold and foggy morn.


Why is it, then, I ask myself,

Inside these walls are men,

Kept in cages, condemned to die,

Like animals in a pen,


While outside the walls the birds fly free,

The tides rush on, and on, and on,

Into the harbor, back through the Gate,

Freer than this man called John?